Dry powder inhaler RS01: how to use

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The second positive feature of RS01 device is that it works. This should also not be taken for granted - considering that the area of dry powder inhalation saw unfortunate experiences of devices reaching advanced clinical trials or even market stages, just to be withdrawn shortly after the launch - for various reasons. The functioning of the RS01 device is quite intuitive to the patient as its working principles are similar to those of pre-existing devices:

1- Removal of protective cap

2- Open mouthpiece to access capsule housing

3- Load capsule into housing

4- Close mouthpiece

5- Actuate pushbuttons to pierce the capsule and inhale

dry powder inhaler - photo 2

dry powder inhaler - photo 3

dry powder inhaler - photo 4

dry powder inhaler - photo 5

dry powder inhaler - photo 6

Inhalation by the patient lifts the capsule from its housing and makes it spin at high speed around its main axis, thus helping powder disaggregation.

The powder gets out of the capsule through the two holes created by the piercing system and is inhaled by the patient through the mouthpiece.

At the bottom of the mouthpiece, a grid prevents the capsule from reaching the mouthpiece duct.


The device ensures a very good basic performance in terms of TED and fpf .

The excellent dose consistency which is common to most of monodose-in-capsule devices is further enhanced by the improved piercing system which is peculiar to RS01.